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When it comes to professional IT Consulting & HR services, count on Revision Technologies.


The focus of our consulting services is to deliver value to the business while transforming IT. We do this by defining an optimized target operating model with clear financial benefits, and improved performance. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively which would enhance quality and accelerate delivery of project implementations and upgrades.
• Hybrid/Private cloud solutions - IaaS, SaaS, Vmware, Microsoft Azure
• Disaster recovery Services
• Software defined – SDN, EMC, ViPR, Openstack
• Data Center Automation Tools – DevOps, Puppet, Chef
• Security – Web security solutions, endpoint, SIEM, Security operations center
• Development of computer programs – Java, Perl, Python
• Staffing services for IT (Contract and Perm)
• Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite + Office 365


Cyber Security and Audit:

We offer the entire spectrum of Cyber Security Services including the following:
• IT Infrastructure Audits
• Cyber Security Solutions, Symantec, RSA
• Governance Risk Compliance
• Compliance Security Audits
• Vulnerable Assessment/ Penetration test


Training and Development:

We continuously train our employees to develop competencies and skills to create competitive advantage, increase growth and drive business results. We provide a more holistic training to our resources  not only limited to technology but also in soft skills like customer service, sales, teamwork. We also focus on a continuous development of critical people in our team providing them with knowledge, skills and best practice techniques to retain, develop, lead, inspire, motivate and engage employee talent.


We provide training on :

  • • Unix System administration with storage focus
  • • Storage Are Networks(SAN) and Network attached storage
  • • Private, Hybrid cloud solutions
  • • VMware Virtual cloud for the private cloud offerings